This One is for the Homeopathic Skeptics

This one is for the skeptics. I see you, I hear you, and believe it not, I was you. Here’s the abridged version of how I went from growing up in Minnesota, not believing in any of this stuff to a naturopathic doctor treating patients in Scottsdale and seeing miracle after miracle.

🌱 What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural substances, such as plants, minerals, or animal substances, which are highly diluted and potentized through a series of succussions. The core principle of homeopathy is stimulating the body’s innate healing abilities. Remedies are prescribed based on an individual’s unique symptoms, emotional state, and overall constitution, making the treatment highly personalized.

A personal favorite book on homeopathy is: Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine. Don’t worry. It’s not about the Earth being flat. It’s the opposite. As quoted in the book, “Conventional medicine is ‘flat earth’ in that it approaches health problems from the perspective of the disease instead of the patient. Just as the earth appears flat and the sun appears to revolve around the earth, so also it appears that physicians treat patients when treating their diseases. This is not true! As you will see, it is possible to treat the patient directly, as a whole.” 

My Big Breakthrough – NET Neuro-Emotional Technique

🔹 NET- Neuro-Emotional Technique is a stress reducing technique with life changing results for those struggling with phobias, anxiety, or stubborn physical symptoms. I was a patient of NET before I became a practitioner of it. My first experience, with a beginner practitioner, was just enough to intrigue me, although I was still full of skepticism. It was my second experience with NET that blew my mind.

An experience that I had always thought happened later in life, around 7 or 8 years old, actually happened to me when I was 5 years old and it was the Neuro-Emotional Technique that opened my mind to thinking that I had it all figured out, but as it turned out, no my subconscious was really the boss.

What about Gemstones?

💎 Gemstones – Gemstones interact with the body’s energy fields and can have positive effects on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Mother of Pearl is what shifted my skepticism about gemstones having any noticeable benefits. It can essentially feel like a mother’s hug and is ideal for kids or those dealing with feelings of loss, abandonment, or loneliness.

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What are Flower Essences?

🌺 Flower Essence – Flower essences, also known as flower remedies, harness the energetic properties of flowers to promote emotional and mental well-being and speed up the healing process. As with everything, not all flower essences are created equal. My most trusted brand is: LOTUSWEI

Experience alters perception; get out of your own way!

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