Frequently Asked Questions

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We hope we're able to answer all of your most frequently asked questions about our holistic medicine programs, naturopathic approach, and how we can help you find healing. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Do you accept insurance?

Insurance companies typically do not cover the top-quality care that we provide, and we are not willing to sacrifice the quality of care that patients deserve.

Most insurance companies are not directly contracted with naturopathic physicians like ourselves, therefore, we are unable to bill directly through insurance.

There are some potential reimbursement options available, including some employee policies that reimburse for “complimentary or alternative health care” costs. Some patients with certain employee plans through Banner Health or Honorhealth have provided partial reimbursement so it is worth checking with your particular employer or insurance plan to see if this is an option for you as well.

Some patients submit an itemized superbill that we provide, to their insurance company, although we are not aware of, involved in, or able to guarantee any specific reimbursement.

Many patients use their FSA or HSA card to invest in their health with us and notice that they save money on health care in the long run as their health is improved long term.

Advance Care Card is another payment option for patients looking for a medical credit card with low-interest rates.

Where are you located, and do I need to come in person?

We are located in Scottsdale, AZ in the Scottsdale Airpark near Hwy 101 and Raintree Dr.

Although we are able to provide virtual appointments, there are more comprehensive healing options available when care is provided in person. We love connecting with our patients in person, especially for the first appointment or any hands-on treatments like physical exams, acupuncture, NET, QNRT, etc.

Some patients who live out of town come to Scottsdale for a few days at the beginning of treatment to establish care and do physical exams or in-person treatment options.

Brief lab reviews or follow-up appointments are easy to do via phone, depending on your preference.

Why do I need to do a 30 minute phone consultation before starting a healing program?

Dr. E places a high emphasis on integrity and honesty and only works with people whom she is confident that she can help reach their health goals.

This initial consultation allows the patient the opportunity to learn more about our three pillars of health that help you transform your health long term. It’s important for patients to be an advocate and participant in their health. This call helps inform potential patients about what is included, and what may be expected during your healing journey, as well as explaining how and why this type of program works to get the results that patients deserve.

This call is an opportunity to learn more about your primary concerns and goals, and ask questions, but no medical treatment is provided.

At the end of the call, if you are a good fit to work together, Dr. E will guide you toward the best program option for your healing. The $100 cost of this phone call is applied to the cost of your transformational program.

How are food intolerances different than allergies or sensitivities?

Food intolerances are genetic, therefore, do not change, unlike food sensitivities. Intolerances involve an enzymatic deficiency that prevents a person from properly digesting and metabolizing certain food groups or combinations of foods.

The food intolerance evaluation requires only a few drops of blood (from the ear lobe or fingertip) and does not need to be repeated again unlike many food allergy or sensitivity panels. When people eat their food intolerances, a toxemic reaction occurs, which is the equivalent of garbage rotting in our intestines. This toxemia contributes to fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure, skin concerns, mood issues, and of course digestive concerns, in addition to negatively affecting our overall health.

Allergies and sensitivities are based on immune reactions, whereas intolerances are based on a genetic enzymatic deficiency. In our experience, when patients avoid their intolerances, their ‘leaky gut’ or food sensitivities can resolve since their digestive tract is healthier and less reactive or inflamed, leaving them less susceptible to developing food sensitivities or allergies.

How long does it take to see results and do the results last?

Although we are confident in our approach to helping people see quick and long-lasting results, results truly depend on the patient. We have seen drastic, fast results many times, yet we also never expect or promise instant results. If I start at a trailhead and hike 10 miles up a mountain, I can’t expect to hike back to the trailhead in 1 mile, yet I can find ways to gain momentum and speed by gliding down effortlessly, say on a sled, chair lift, or bike, resulting in a much faster process downhill. This analogy can be used for health as well. We can heal much faster than it took our body to develop symptoms because the body is amazing, and designed to heal itself!

If someone is 75 years old, on 5 medications, and has had symptoms for 40 years, it’s going to take longer to heal than someone who is 45 and has had symptoms for 5 years. Many patients notice positive results within the first few weeks in regard to their specific symptoms, as well as feeling more like their overall best selves. We have noticed that patients who exhibit the following characteristics see the best results during and after their healing program:

Open-minded – If what was done and used in the past didn’t provide the desired results, it’s time for something different. What we offer is different than what you’ve done. It’s NOT conventional, functional, or green allopathic medicine, meaning we don’t rely on excessive labs nor do we prescribe “x” supplements for “y” symptoms. We are even different than other naturopathic physicians and focus on a critical piece of healing that is so often missed – the subconscious mind which can either cause disease or health.

We uncover the root causes of your issues, teach you ‘how’ and ‘why’, and allow the body to balance and heal from within, now and in the future. Sometimes a physical concern such as pain or fatigue may have an emotional or spiritual cause, which is often difficult for a patient to wrap their head around if they aren’t open-minded to exploring various potential causes.

Trusting – We understand that this can be difficult, especially for those who have had traumatic or negative experiences with health care or practitioners in the past. We also understand that trust can take time to build, yet the patients who see the fastest, best, and longest-lasting results trust the process, trust the treatment (even if they are unfamiliar with homeopathy, NET, QNRT, etc.), trust their body, and trust that we have their best interest in mind every step of the way – which we do!

Committed – Fact: we can’t work harder than you to help you heal.
Fact: Perfection is impossible.

We are imperfect humans treating imperfect humans, yet we vow to give you our best and expect you to do the same in return. We will be the experts to guide and support you, yet you are the one who is responsible to show up to appointments, choosing what you put in your brain, body, and environment, and following treatment recommendations to the best of your ability. Our goal is to empower and teach you how to work WITH your body so you know what it takes to stay or bring yourself back into balance moving forward. We are here to support you if and when you need support or additional treatment.

Do you treat X condition? (X= any specific diagnosis that you have been labeled with)

We have helped people heal who have been diagnosed with

  • PTSD
  • Bipolar
  • PMDD
  • PMS
  • Osteoporosis
  • Parkinson’s
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diverticulitis
  • Seizures
  • Addictions
  • Chronic migraines
  • Auto-immune issues
  • Stage 3 kidney disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Tinnitus
  • Panic attacks
  • and more!

It’s not the diagnosis that’s important, but rather how, when, and why the symptoms occurred, and how the person can get back in balance to resolve the issues.

We don’t treat conditions, we treat people who have become imbalanced to the point that their system has created x condition. Short of congenital conditions such as a cleft palate, Down syndrome, or heart defects, we are confident that healing from nearly any condition is possible with our philosophy and program that works WITH the body to address every aspect of health.

A wise mentor once said, “There are no incurable diseases, but there are incurable people.” What he meant was, if someone is unwilling to heal or do what it takes to heal, then they are indeed incurable, but the issue is not their diagnosis.

Healing is less about the condition or diagnosis, and more about the vitality of the person, and the duration or intensity of their symptoms. If an 80-year-old patient with stage 5 kidney disease/failure is on various medications, the chances of them healing quickly or completely are much less likely than for a person who reaches out for help when they have been diagnosed with abnormal kidney labs or high blood sugars at a younger age and is on fewer medications.

Patients can heal from various conditions or symptoms if they are open to the potential of the following:

-Healing is possible! The body has an innate ability to heal when given the proper conditions to do so, and when the harmful causes that contributed to their concerns are minimized or eliminated.

-The body is brilliantly designed to maintain balance! Symptoms are designed to get our attention to make changes. Pain, high blood pressure, skin issues, and fatigue are some common symptoms that can be equated to our body’s fire alarm. We can either listen and figure out WHY the body is alerting us to an internal “fire”, or we can “take out the batteries” of the blaring alarm by taking medication, having surgery, or ignoring symptoms until things get worse, more expensive, and more life-threatening.

We are specialists who work WITH the mind and body, to bring balance so you can gain health, and eliminate your symptoms and diagnosis. If we are not confident or comfortable treating you or your concerns, we will be honest and say so.

Why do I need to do a program vs. just coming for appointments when I feel like it?

Dr. E is passionate about helping people transform their life and knows what it takes to do so. With that said, the majority of patients have concerns that didn’t happen overnight and are more deeply rooted than they appear or realize.

Some patients are focused on resolving their main symptoms, such as fatigue or weight gain, and may be looking for “something natural” or a holistic alternative that will give them energy or help them lose weight such as a B12 or fat burner injection or a specific supplement. Without proper education and comprehensive care, they are missing various critical pieces of the health puzzle, and wasting their time and money. It’s not in the best interest of the patient and it’s not how we practice.

We know that the body manifested fatigue or weight gain due to a combination of potential causes such as poor sleep habits, imbalanced hormones, dietary indiscretions, impaired detox pathways, nutrient deficiencies, or subconscious blocks to healing. We love helping people not only resolve their most bothersome symptoms, but improve their overall health and set them up for success to have healthier boundaries, increased confidence, healthier families, and less risk of future diseases like cancer. This is naturopathic medicine.

Health transformation programs are customized for each patient based on their goals to see fast and long-term results. Appointments may include any healing modality that Dr. E, as an experienced naturopathic doctor, believes is in your best interest to get the best results that you deserve. The frequency and duration of appointments vary based on your concerns, but all programs are typically completed in about 4 months. At that time, patients find that they are in much better and more balanced health and can follow up as needed beyond their healing program.

How much does a program cost?

Dr. E only works with patients who she is confident she can help. When she learns more about your concerns on the phone consultation, she will share specific details about cost, inclusions, timing, discounts, etc. if she is confident that she can help you and if you are a good fit for the holistic medicine program.

Why does the new patient appointment take 2 hours?

Our naturopathic medicine appointments are thorough, personalized, and quite different than what most people are used to compared to conventional/traditional medicine. This first appointment gives us both an opportunity to learn who you are, on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels. When I’m able to get to know you and your goals, frustrations, and history, it helps me understand WHEN and WHY your health was impacted negatively so we can work together to figure out HOW to get you back in balance as fast as possible.

This journey is an open and honest partnership, not a dictatorship. It’s not about rushing you through or collecting a checklist of symptoms. Your diagnosis is not as important as WHY your symptoms began and HOW you are affected so I can help bring you back into balance.

People often leave this appointment saying that they feel HOPEFUL, as they feel heard and understood and have an advocate who can help guide them on the best treatment plan to heal from within. In addition to the comprehensive intake, this appointment typically includes:

-a urinary analysis to assess your digestive integrity, aka severity of potential “leaky gut”
-a collection of a few drops of blood for your food intolerance evaluation
-some form of treatment such as a homeopathic remedy, etc.
-a comprehensive physical exam or if time allows, your first stress-reducing technique that helps balance the nervous system and resolve underlying blocks to healing (NET/Neuro Emotional Technique or QNRT/Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy)

Can a naturopathic doctor, like Dr. E, manage my prescriptions?

Dr. Eischens can prescribe and manage medications for patients as long as it’s appropriate for the patient’s overall health in accordance with state regulations. This may include compounded medications such as bio-identical hormones or pharmaceuticals from your local CVS, Costco, etc.

Do you offer same-day appointments?

Although we cannot guarantee same-day appointments, we will always do our best to accommodate your needs, especially for urgent concerns or acute illnesses. Please call us at 602-836-4673 or email [email protected] to speak with our Wellness Coordinator about last-minute scheduling options.