What is QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy)?

QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy)

QNRT or Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy combines the elements of quantum physics, applied kinesiology, and neurology to identify and release emotional patterns that contribute to health issues. QNRT helps to reset the brain and nervous system to allow people to feel more balanced, calm, and focused throughout their daily life.

How Does QNRT Work?

QNRT helps the brain and nervous system recover from trauma or stress caused by adverse emotional experiences.  Any unresolved emotional stress can affect the nervous system adversely which may lead to physical, mental, or emotional symptoms.

QNRT works to release adverse emotional experiences, reprogram underlying beliefs and coping mechanisms, and reset neurological pathways to all areas of the body allowing you to feel less burdened and heal on all levels.

What Are Common Conditions QNRT Can Help With?

Keep in mind, we treat people, not symptoms.  As people heal, they notice that their symptoms naturally decrease or are completely resolved.  We have found that QNRT can help patients who are struggling with any of the following concerns:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent illness
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hot flashes
  • Insomnia
  • Low self-worth or confidence
  • Migraines
  • Nervous system dysregulation
  • PTSD
  • Self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Trauma (physical, sexual, emotional, etc.)
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QNRT may be the most preferred modality for people with:

  • Addictions
  • ADHD or ADD
  •  Allergies
  • Auto-immune conditions (Hashimoto’s, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)

Who is the Best Candidate for QNRT?

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy can benefit people of all ages and anyone with an open mind who is ready and willing to heal.  We have yet to meet someone who has never had stress, trauma, or an adverse event in their past, and we can all benefit from peeling off layers of stress that our body is carrying.

This technique can be particularly helpful for those who have “tried everything” or done years of counseling/therapy without major progress.  QNRT can also be a great option for people who don’t want to talk about emotions or past events, or those who may not be aware of how and why certain events may still be negatively impacting them.

Although we may be aware of our conscious stressors or emotions, our subconscious mind is responsible for nearly all of our beliefs, habits, and actions.  This technique is able to access underlying subconscious blocks and allow us to heal and feel more free!


Why Would I Choose QNRT?

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QNRT is effective, gentle, and non-invasive.  It does not require medication, supplements, or extensive treatment to notice results.

This technique is a great option for people who may not want to talk about emotions or past trauma, or may not know WHY they have certain symptoms.  QNRT works WITH the body to understand and resolve what is holding a person back from healing.  It works on deeper levels than conscious techniques, such as talk therapy, and patients often observe rapid results.  These results can include feeling more calm, relaxed, or balanced immediately after a session.

QNRT can be done as a stand-alone treatment, combined with NET, or be an additional tool for healing in combination with any other treatment.  QNRT is likely the tool you have been searching for if you’re looking to:

  • Help release stress from the body & mind
  • Gain more clarity
  • Resolve chronic pain
  • Break free from anxiety, self-defeating thoughts, or symptoms that hold you back from being your best self!

Real People Who Have Experienced QNRT

Lauren M.

"Dr. Eischens has honestly been the biggest blessing to ever come into my life. After suffering from mental health problems for years and seeing multiple therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, she has been the only doctor to give me real lasting results without the use of pharmaceuticals. She is amazing at showing her patients care and respect and has a way of making you feel comfortable and at home while at her office. I would highly recommend going to her if you haven't had good luck in the past with other doctors, I have seen true results from her work and my life has been completely changed."

Kate S.

"Dr. E has been a trusted provider for my family and me for over 4 years. She is compassionate, gentle, inquisitive, and able to understand in a way that I have not often experienced by medical providers. My daughter and I love seeing her for QNRT and NET to help with our nervous systems, clearing stuck emotional patterns, and trauma. I feel safe, heard, seen, cared for, and a part of my care plan every time I see Dr. E. Highly recommend her!!"

Lori C.

Dr. Eischens has helped me tremendously this year. Using NET/QNRT with Dr. E, I have discovered subconscious blocks about my past and because of this, I am now living a better life. She goes above and beyond with the care she gives; every appointment I have with her is genuine, effective and (most importantly) she has an incredible bedside manner. One of the most impressive things about Dr. E is she practices what she preaches about eating healthy and living healthy, I have not seen many doctors do this. I would recommend Dr. Eischens to any motivated individual who is seeking permanent life changes in positive, healthy ways.

More about QNRT...

How Many QNRT Treatments Will I Require?

This is impossible to predict, and really depends on a person’s goals, lifestyle, and duration or intensity of symptoms. Children or people who tend to address symptoms as they arise respond quickly and require less treatments (~1-4). People with PTSD or chronic/severe issues may require more treatments (10+) as the body has stored more stress in more areas for a longer period of time, which requires more support and time.

Although people can notice beneficial results with each session, it’s unrealistic to expect one session to heal and resolve decades worth of stress, trauma, and unprocessed emotion, just as brushing your teeth once a year doesn’t suddenly heal your entire oral cavity.

In an ideal world, all of us would all get regular treatments to balance our nervous system and decrease stress.  Since this is not always practical, we recommend starting with ~3 sessions so you and your body can feel the benefits.  Moving forward, you and your physician can discuss what is in your best interest regarding the frequency of treatments.

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What Can I Expect From a QNRT Reset?

Your body and mind are wise and capable of healing, yet are always looking to protect and keep you safe.  Knowing this, it’s helpful to realize that your body will release what it feels safe and ready to with each reset.  Since QNRT releases stress from past adverse events, the majority of patients express feeling more relaxed, less overwhelmed, and more present immediately after a QNRT session.  Just like if you were to remove a splinter from your finger, some people notice instant results, while others may notice more gradual, continual improvement over the next many hours or days.

Since QNRT is accessing the subconscious mind, results tend to be more profound and long lasting than conscious treatments such as affirmations, talk therapy, etc. Results can be immediate and cumulative, allowing people to notice:

  • Less reactivity to life’s stressors
  • Improved sleep
  • Healthier boundaries and relationships
  • Less destructive behavior patterns
  • Overall improved health moving forward!
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About Dr. E

Dr. Shawna Eischens (Dr. "E."), Naturopathic Doctor, and owner of Hope and Healing Naturopathic is an expert in finding the cause of your concerns so you can live a life free of pain, anxiety, fatigue or other symptoms that are holding you back from enjoying the life you deserve! Dr. E attracts motivated patients who are ready for a health advocate who is non-judgmental, passionate, experienced and determined to help you THRIVE instead of just survive! Dr. E is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, mentor through Big Brothers/Big Sisters, volunteer for Naturopathic Medicine Institute, and nature loving outdoor enthusiast.