Holistic Health Transformation Programs

healthy family from holistic medicine doctor in Scottsdale.

There are many natural practitioners out there, but few incorporate naturopathic philosophy to radically transform your health.  Healing must include the following:

    • Address the underlying cause of symptoms
    • Support and restore weakened systems in the body to promote healing from within
    • Establish foundations for optimal health (diet, sleep, movement/breathing, etc.)

You deserve the results and answers you’ve been searching for, and I’m committed and determined to help you find them. Together we’ll uncover the missing pieces of your health puzzle and put it all together to create a practical plan that will have you feeling better than you have in years.

Many patients come to me after seeing many other providers. They routinely tell me that they’re amazed that healing doesn’t necessarily require extensive, costly testing and handfuls of supplements daily.  Patients often say “I wish I would have done this sooner” when they realize the time and money they could have saved—not to mention the priceless prize of regaining their health!

It is common for my patients to experience these actual life changing results:

  • Parenthood for those who were previously told they were ‘infertile’
  • Complete resolution of fibromyalgia after decades of pain
  • Reversal of type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, and high blood pressure
  • Normal/healthy labs and reversal of symptoms after their conventional specialist told them that there was nothing that could be done to help them
  • Pain-free, regular menstrual cycles after horrific (medicated and unmedicated) cycles their entire life
  • 80-100% relief from chronic pain (head or body pain)
  • Ability to eat a variety of foods without GI flares, anxiety, or fatigue
  • Better sleep, mood, and energy! Feeling the best that they have in years

Are We A Good Fit?

I am honored and thrilled to work with people who:

  • Are eager to heal, but just don’t know how. They need guidance and a plan.
  • Are frustrated with their lack of progress or guidance from other practitioners, yet continue to seek answers and haven’t given up.
  • Know that they deserve a better life than they are living now.
  • Are ready to commit to a program that may require in-person visits, diet modifications, and addressing emotional blocks to healing.
  • Are ready to prioritize their health.
  • Know that the time to heal is NOW.

A different physician may be a better fit for you if you:

  • Are seeking a “quick fix” or “magic supplement” for a chronic issue.
  • Are looking for an insurance based provider.
  • Aren’t ready to invest in yourself to transform your health, or don't consciously believe that you can heal.

16 week naturopathic transformational program

  • 90-120 minute comprehensive initial health appointment.
  • Laboratory evaluations as indicated (insurance covered typically), with blood draws done in office.
  • Food intolerance results based on your genetic (in)ability to digest specific dietary items.
  • Records review of applicable medical reports and lab results.
  • Prescriptions for necessary labs, imaging, or medications as indicated.
  • Multiple 60 minute follow-ups with Dr. E to ensure that your goals are being reached with proper support and guidance.
  • Expert guidance for a customized treatment plan with your concerns and goals in mind.
  • Health educational tools to promote healing during and after your program.
  • Body composition analysis
  • VIP discounted pricing on professional, high quality supplements as well as any (optional) IV’s or specialty labs
  • Intramuscular injections Fat burner, B12, glutathione options
  • Naturopathic treatments that promote healing from within, quickly, and long term* — The frequency and type of treatments are chosen based on what will be most effective for your transformation, and may include: Dietary and exercise guidance, acupuncture, NET/Neuro Emotional Technique, QNRT/Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy, high frequency device, physical exams, herbal or homeopathic remedy prescribing, supplement review, constitutional hydrotherapy, trigger point therapy, massage/soft tissue release, whole body vibration.

* Programs differ in the frequency of the starred (*) items above.  Dr. Eischens will recommend the indicated program for you after learning more about your health history and goals during your phone consultation.

If you have been referred specifically and solely for NET/Neuro Emotional Technique, QNRT/Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy, or to find out your food intolerances, please call the office at 602-836-4673 before filling out the application.