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Do you feel like something isn't quite right?
Have you wondered why you haven’t seen promising results, even though you’ve tried “everything” possible?

Are you frustrated or hopeless and feel like no one really understands?

Are you feeling dismissed or even crazy because you’ve been told that your labs or imaging studies are “normal” and there is “nothing wrong?”
Please know that you are NOT alone!
You are NOT crazy, and you ARE in the right place!
I have helped many patients, who previously felt like you do right now, be able to transform their health and get their life back!

Our approach at Hope and Healing Naturopathic is completely different than what you have experienced before, therefore, your experience and results can also be completely different than ever before.

As a naturopathic physician who is an expert at working WITH your body to find the underlying causes of concern, I specialize in finding the overlooked concerns that have been holding you back from healing.

Imagine a healthcare experience where you're empowered and valued as a partner.  An experience that honors your innate power to heal, by being given the proper guidance to do so.  Your journey is unique and you deserve a treatment plan that is uniquely specific to you and your goals, lifestyle, and values.

Break free from the endless appointments, pills, frustration, and symptoms.  IT'S YOUR TIME TO HEAL, and healing is indeed possible!

Are you ready to take the first step towards healing?
Your journey to improved health can start now.

These are some of the most common conditions that we help people overcome.


Fatigue is most often caused by an improper diet, nutrient deficiencies, poor sleep, imbalanced hormones (thyroid, Vitamin D, sex hormones, etc.), *toxicity, and/or stress or subconscious blocks.

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Weight Gain

Weight gain or the inability to lose weight may be caused by *toxicity, lack of movement or too intense exercise, stress, lack of sleep, excessive or improper food intake, nutrient deficiencies, subconscious blocks or trauma, medication, and/or hormonal imbalances (thyroid, estrogen, insulin, etc.)

natural treatment for digestive issues in Scottsdale.
Digestive Issues

Digestive issues are often the result of eating dietary intolerances, eating too much or too quickly, lack of enzymes, acid, or nutrients needed to properly break down foods, hiatal hernia or other structural concerns, stress, or subconscious blocks which result in an overactive sympathetic nervous system, and/or *toxicity especially an overabundance of mold, bacteria, heavy metals, or parasites.

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Anxiety is typically due to consuming caffeine or food intolerances, hiatal hernia or other structural concerns, lack of movement, medications or supplements, hormonal imbalances, *toxicity, and of course stress, past trauma, and subconscious concerns resulting in an overactive sympathetic nervous system.

holistic treatment for chronic pain in Scottsdale.
Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is often from unresolved trauma/unprocessed emotion, physical trauma (misalignment, scar tissue, trigger points, muscle strain, etc.), *toxicity (especially underlying concerns such as Lyme), nutrient deficiencies, and/or dietary indiscretions.

naturopathic treatment for insomnia in Scottsdale.

Insomnia is usually caused by stress/subconscious concerns, caffeine (excess, consuming too late, or poor metabolism), dietary indiscretions, medications or supplements, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances (progesterone, cortisol, etc.), structural misalignment or an overactive sympathetic nervous system, and *toxicity especially from alcohol, caffeine, and EMF.

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Menstrual / Hormonal Concerns

Menstrual concerns (PMS, irregular or heavy cycles, infertility, etc.) are often blamed on "hormones", but the cause of imbalanced hormones is typical *toxicity (this can include synthetic hormones from IUDs or contraceptive pills), stress or subconscious blocks, nutrient deficiencies, improper diet, and lack of sleep. We can help with menopause, too!

naturopathic treatment for thyroid problem
Thyroid concerns

Thyroid Concerns are most often due to *toxicity, anxiety, poor sleep, nutrient deficiencies, dietary indiscretions, medications or supplements, and stress (excess exercise, impaired adrenal gland function, and an overactive sympathetic nervous system).

*Toxicity is clearly a pervasive cause for many health issues. This occurs when our detox pathways such as our liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system are overburdened and can't keep up with the demands to filter, process, and excrete toxicants.
Toxicants may include any of the following:

  • Foods that our body can't easily digest such as food intolerances, genetically modified or chemically treated foods, or excessive food intake.
  • Drugs, medications, alcohol, vaccines, implants, additives, dyes, and artificial sweeteners.
  • Chemicals in our cosmetics, cleaning supplies, detergents, air fresheners, nail polish, and environment (EMF, mold, viruses, bacteria, auto exhaust, heavy metals, etc.).
  • Toxic people, thoughts, and actions can also accumulate and negatively impact our overall health.