How Can Your Blood Type Influence Your Diet?

About Blood Types & Diets

In addition to finding out genetic dietary intolerances, your blood type can help give valuable information about your ideal diet and lifestyle.


Type O Blood 

People who have blood type O typically secrete more stomach acid and may be able to handle more animal protein and fat, but may also be more prone to ulcers. It's best for O's to avoid grains, especially wheat and gluten.

This is the most common blood type and the universal red blood cell donor.


Type A Blood

Those with blood type A have lower levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, making it more difficult to digest and metabolize animal protein and fat, yet they have more efficient digestion of carbohydrates.

Type A's may notice more internalized stress, so it's important to be aware of overwork, lack of sleep, excess caffeine or alcohol, and to practice calming activities like yoga or breathing exercises.

Blood type A's tend to do best with a high vegetable, low/no meat diet.


Type B Blood

Blood type B's carry the most potential for malleability and the ability to thrive in changing conditions so may tolerate changes in altitude better than others, but can also be more sensitive to slipping out of balance and are more prone to low blood sugar.

It is best for this blood type to avoid corn and chicken and encourage green vegetables and meat.


Type AB Blood

This is the least common and "newest" blood type that has the ability to receive other blood types if a transfusion is needed.

Those with blood type AB do best avoiding caffeine and alcohol, especially when stressed. Eating small amounts of different foods (possibly more frequently) including organic tofu, seafood, dairy and green vegetables can help maintain a healthy weight.

Avoiding all smoked/cured meat, as well as avoiding combining starch and protein together is best.

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